The Itch You Can’t #S


Angels lie inthe distance as you harmonize to Andrew Lloyd Webbers CATS, with an all star cast featuring Dame Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Jason Darulo, James Cordon, Rebel Wilison, and Idris Elba you find a fancy fest of visuality. In experiencing the film you not onlywitness the magic of cinema alongside the synergy of the great white way, you get a glimpse into a social conversation that needs to be had. CATS bring human issues to the forefront in dealing with race, social strata cast casting, and the awfulness of existence. Each feline makes their existence known and how the residual affect makes a momentous effect.

We all have an itch we cant scratch. We all want to be loved and find that group where we all fit in. We’re climbing an uphill battle and on that climb we want to discover new parts of our quest. Overall the film provides vignettes of humanity seeking to love, succeed, and transcend. Naturally we are all emotional beings and want to love and be loved in returned.


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Strong the Force is


Transcendent experiences wait in Walt Disney World, a universe built on magic and wonder. Recently I had the privilege to live out my Jedi dreams at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. From drinking the iconic milk found in a New Hope to building my own light saber at Savi’s Workshop. Alongside with my chosen family we stood together and had our happily ever after. Holidays can feel stressful or lonely but with right squad it can feel like a fairytale. As our day began we decided to start at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to ride the Avatar experience, which had a three-hour wait 20 minutes after the parks opening. This fact still boggles my mind, were there that many people in the park before it opened for general admission or were all Disney goers thinking the same strategy that we did? Needless to say we did not go into the depths of Pandora but decided to experience Mount Everest where a sassy yeti is rumored to have been spotted.

Once our expedition at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ended we hopped on over to Hollywood Studios, home of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Energy emitted from the park that guided us to an unmarked building surrounded by scrap metal. This is where we encountered Savi and were told about the powers that are embedded into the collection of parts that would become a lightsaber. From power/control, protection/defense, elemental/nature and peace/justice each saber is customizable wielding the power of a kyber crystal. After assembling our sabers we went on to ride the infamous Hollywood Tower of Terror where we never quite managed to get to the 13th floor. After freefalling in an elevator we decided to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom where we found our Happily Ever After. Disney is the perfect cure all for the holiday blues from their top-notch entertainment and live shows, to themed rides that make fairytales a reality and international cuisine that is guaranteed to delight.

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All that Basel’s is not only Art


Art Basel Miami has become a necessary destination in the migration patterns of trendsetters, tastemakers and artists alike. What started off as a convention that catered to the likes of discoverable talent and art buyers has quickly evolved into a cultural marketplace of Art, Fashion, Music and posh parties in South Beach, Florida. As the convention still remains to be an integral function of the weekend, musicians and fashion designers have slowly taken stake in the art district of Wynwood in downtown Miami. With pop up stores, fashion shows and secret concerts that are only promoted by word of mouth this new aspect of Art Basel has captured international appeal and attention. Here are some highlights of Art Basel 2018.

Art Basel 2019 will occur between December 5 – 8, which is also the opening of the ATFASHION pop up store founded by fashion designer, and stylist known for creating the iconic visual moments in Sex & the City, Patricia Fields. ART FASHION, which will display and sell one of kind pieces of wearable art made by upcoming designers each with a story to tell. One of these designers is Valentina Perissi owner of DafneItaly. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in New York City, Dafne customizes premium Tuscan leather with original designs that are uniquely painted and sealed with a technique Valentina Perissi mastered while studying at the Art Institute of Florence. Each design is hand painted with the intent of evoking dynamic conversations pertaining to the beginning of life and the power of the female body. Dafne has a wide selection of wearable art pieces ranging from accessories to vintage leather jackets.

This unique collaboration will take place in a private gallery located in Miami’s Wynwood Design District throughout the month of December. Fashion warrior and creative designer of Dafne, will bring her vision and designs from New York City to Art Basel with 25 limited edition leather pieces. Taking inspiration from the illusive all Seeing Eye the collection embodies the freedom to fight for peace and equality.

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The Golden Globe Nominations for film goes too…. (It’s way to early to announce but these are the stand out contenders.)

Farewell .jpg

As award season draws closer, the line up of film contenders becomes increasingly competitive. With some original screenplays, a fierce animated film sector and wonderful depictions of foreign language films, the current roster of potential winners are very diverse. Parasite is poised for some big nominations including screenplay, director and the foreign language categories. Knives Out has opened to great reviews and critical acclaim with an ensemble cast that is sure to make box office gold. Joker amidst tensions in its dark narrative is able to showcase the mastery and versatility of Joaquin Phoenix’s acting ability. Stepping into the acting categories Rene Zellweger’s performance as Judy Garland in Judy takes her into the lead for big wins and attention. Netflix’s The Irishman has captured massive buzz with Martin Scorcese’s genius as Director. Let’s also not forget an early contender in 2019, Lulu Wang’s The Farewell a family dramedy that brings members of an estranged family together to say goodbye in way that can only described as saying hello again. Then there is Taika Waititi’s charismatically original film of Jojo Rabbit, which is a coming of age film through a whimsical lens of a tragic holocaust time.

Animated tensions arise as Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 enter the race reinforcing the global love of Disney and its franchises. Will Idina Menzel get a second go around by having Let It Go? Or will Woody and friends charm us as we enter a new world of playing with toys.

More films to review and watch out for are The Lighthouse, Little Women, Pedro Almodovar’s Pride & Glory, Netflix’s Marriage Story by Noah Baumbach and the super fueled Ford v. Ferrari.


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You Oughta Know She’s Ambitious



Life can feel like a Jagged Little Pill and the new musical on Broadway composed of Alanis Morissette’s songs makes it easier to swallow. Ambitious in its storytelling and pacing you get to bare witness to wonderful character development that touches on issues of dependency and acceptance. Diablo Cody brings the book to life with a tone of wit and cynicism that will usher you through the motions. The show has stand out performances by Lauren Patten and Derek Klena that will make you stand to your feet.

Overall you will not only sing along but you will go through the motions as the cast processes hard hitting issues that cover dependency, depression and loss. Alanis’s lyrics become a soothsayer for today’s millennial generation.

For more information and tickets go to Jagged Little Pill


An Original tale of Social Strata-Casting

Keon-kyo (Yeo-jeong Jo) in Parasite. Courtesy of NEON + CJ Entertainment




An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. In Bong Joon-ho’s Korean film Parasite, the word is personified by the social distortion of the wealthy upper class and the people that work for them. A South Korean family struggles to make ends meet and needs to figure out a way to survive. Confined by the social hierarchy of culture, status, and education the Kim clan finds a way to climb to the top. The premise may sound predictable and one note but Bong Joon-ho captures the Kim clans hustle with such originality and wit that you will be thoroughly entertained.  Absurdity ensues frame by frame at such natural pace by the time the plot unfurls you’re left on the edge of your seat with such unforeseeable suspense. In a way its feels much like a slow pressure cooker, scene by scene as it casually lays the framework for the extremely high tensions that arise as the Kim clan climbs up the social ladder.


Parasite is a definitive award season contender as it excels in its screenplay, cinematography and editing.

For more information and showtimes check out Parasite

The Great Rabbit

jojo Rabbit

We must feel beauty and terror to live. Jojo Rabbit is a film about a 10-year-old boy played by Roman Griffin Davis who is growing up in Nazi Germany and his best friend is an Imaginary character, which embodies the propaganda machine of Adolf Hitler played by Taika Waititi. Much like your everyday superhero the young boy is told listen to your party, take blind orders and learn how to throw a grenade. These are traits that are pushed down unto impressionable youth of the time.

Taika Waititi is also the director and writer and uses the visual medium of cinema and punny words, outlandish scenes and satirical humor to evolve Jojo’s character as he tries to make sense of right and wrong. The film is deeply original in its script, delivery and has a wonderful juxtaposition in its pairing of a real horrible time in history with fantasy.

Jojo Rabbit teases out themes of loss, growth, war, death and love to understand deeper moral underpinnings, which are rarely discussed as it pertains to a child’s development and worldview. As a child grows into adult which decision will they choose? Will he remain a “rabbit”, continue to follow his superhero friend Adolf or understand he can make any choice as he separates himself from the machine and its influences?

Life isn’t binary.

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Prisoner of Ultraviolence

Graphic imagery takes center stage as Anthony Burgress masterful Clockwork Orange opens September 25th at New World Stages in NYC. Directed by Alexandra Spencer Jones, she takes no prisoners as a room full of hunks in an all male cast (including Jonno Davies and Matt Doyle) display the dyspotic nature of society as men stuck in the cogs of the machine.

Droogs are salvation, homoerotic Shakespeare captivate as Alexander learns the origin of his violent tendencies. A Byproduct of society, Alex punishes and gets punished by a higher order. Parallels get drawn to Jesus as a a savior of society by enduring the wrongs of violent behavior. In watching I understood the dark necessities that require Alex to function.

The new production replaces the films visual violence with the physicality of man. Several men to be exact. Scantily clad & showing their cherries while personifying original sin. Bountiful and plenty the show satiated my appetite for social justice in the world.

For more information and tickets check out Clockwork Orange.

Wild & Free

Stick with the animals and experience freedom. What seemed like a one hit wonder is back with a vengeance as Electric Zoo dominates the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival market in New York City. Framed as a three-day event, EZoo unites the free roaming spirits of N.Y.C on Randall’s Island with a multi sensory experience. In attending day one, I was taken back to an era of pure magic where dance music personified the spirit of P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect).



Without regard of ones race, sexuality, gender or bank account, EZoo created a day where togetherness was celebrated as one got lost in music. Collaborators of said day were Martin Solveig, Dada Life, John Digweed, Don Diablo, Galantis & DJ Snake. Upon entering the festival grounds I experienced a flurry of inflatable jumpsuits, prismatic glasses (which are AWESOME!), and animal costumes. I quickly scanned the EZoo app known as the Sixth Borough to get a lay of the land and map out my day. Being a new animal at the Zoo I was not aware that there are five stages and a multitude of secret spots where one can graze. I frantically pieced together my day and buckled up for following hours to come.

To be continued…

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Homeward Bound, L.G Comes Home

A Country-dance pop album, a height defying Super bowl performance, an A-list Hollywood film in the making and a Netflix Original; what do these items have in common?

A person named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, A.K.A Lady Gaga. She may not be flawless but she has calculated her artistry with such precision that it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her career in all of its trans-formative glory. Starting from a dynamically radical concert at a dive bar in Fort Lauderdale on April 08, 2009 to a sold-out Mets stadium in New York City on August 25, 2017.




Back in 2009, I distinctly remember my friend asking me if I’d like to watch this person by the name of Lady Gaga (a New York based artist) for $20 dollars. To which my response was, why would I pay to watch a Drag show? Needless to say I had no idea what I was about to experience let alone personally discover. Hesitantly, I went expecting to stand in the back of this bandbox venue sweating as I eye the emergency exits for a speedy departure. Upon entering, a series of avant-garde videos of LG are projected unto a screen as she pays homage to Andy Warhol and self-titles herself Candy Warhol in search for “The Fame.”



Over time LG has not only created musical performances and catchy songs (Bad Romance, Speechless and Million Reasons) but has managed to take the fashion world by storm with her creative collaborations’ and has helped LGBTQ Homeless youth gain access to support and safety in creating the Born This Way Foundation. The only prisons that exist are the ones we put ourselves in and she has managed to breakout from every cell with unparalleled gumption & a diamond heart.




In recalling last weeks moments at her Joanne World Tour in New York City, 40,000 fans from around the globe united and danced to L.G’s album Joanne. Filled with prismatic rainbow pianos, hydrolytic lifts and diamond encrusted outfits new and old fans alike are left joyously dancing back home.

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