Golden Globes 2012

 Sarah and I Adam LevineGolden Globes

The champagne is flowing, the red carpet is steamed, and everyone is ready to catch a glimpse of the who’s who at the 2012 golden globes…. Including ME! Yes, I had the privilege of attending this year’s Golden Globes. The prestige of the ceremony was great, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to the awe I experienced rubbing elbows with the rich and fabulous at the various after parties. Imagine it, celebrities everywhere. Kim Kardashian at one table having a drink with Idina Menzel, George Clooney snapping a photo with Madonna, all of them enjoying the great music, the open bar, and some of the most FANTASTIC food on Earth. Hollywood’s crème de la crème are here, and they are starving! You see an awards show is much like a glamorous but very stressful six hours of non-stop work with no food in sight. From the moment you step out of your limo and onto the red carpet the nation’s eyes are on your every move. You can’t be caught on camera munching on a steak. So when these parties start, everyone runs to the food stations like a pack of starving orphans, and in the middle of all this madness, was a very hungry Sarah Michelle Gellar. I had overheard her say she needed a table and couldn’t find a vacant one in sight. This was my chance to help out my childhood idol. Buffy herself needed somewhere to sit, and I could be the one to help! I immediately sprang into action grabbed a security guard, and presented myself as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s assistant. I demanded he get her a table ASAP. The security guard quickly moved people along out of a nearby table, so she and her guests could occupy it. I told her the good news to SMG and she thanked me with a huge elated smile, and a hug. I thought the night couldn’t get any better, and then I made a pitstop in the restroom. As I headed towards a stall, the door swung open and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine stepped out right in front of me! In my head I quickly ran through a series bathroom-appropriate conversation starters, and what do I come up with? “Hey Adam, my friends say I’ve got the moves like Jagger too!” he looked perplexed while I just smiled, and eventually he laughed and asked, “oh really?” Wow, I thought, I may have just come across as the biggest dork alive, but I just made Adam Levine laugh! Man, I LOVE award show season!

Click the link below to check out my published article in Wire Weekly. 

Golden Globes 2012

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