Hedwig Rocks Broadway

Hedwig Playbill Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris Hedwig Lena hall Hedwig Marquee

We are all on a quest to discover the origin of love, the quest may be long and tedious but John Cameron Mitchell makes that expedition a bit easier by showcasing an intelligent and extremely innovative production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Belasco theater on Broadway. The show follows a German man who was born on the wrong side of the wall in East Berlin, under the oppression of the communist party while confused by his own sexual identity. All he wished for was to be liberated and freed so that he may participate in a world where love was possible. The lead role played by the very talented Neil Patrick Harris takes you on a journey where anything IS possible. The ability to dream, want, love while sacrificing ones social pretenses and gender to find fulfillment in living a life where one can be who they chose to be. Paired along with a live rock n roll band, Hedwig will usher you along a tale of oppression, self discovery and hope while making you laugh so hard that you won’t be able to get up out of your seat. In walking into the Belasco Theater, I must admit that I had never seen the successful cult film in which the show is based off of. I only knew that it was a Rock N Roll show featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Hall. Given the little knowledge I had, I found myself stunned at the innovative way director Michael Mayer chose to tell you this unique and fascinating story. While making you laugh and cry as Hedwig bares all on the stage transcending beyond the fourth wall captivating audiences with a story everyone can relate too. Whether one looks for acceptance by wearing a wig, changing their outfit, or their gender we all just want to love and be loved in return. This is a definite must see and I predict a Major player in the Tony awards this 2014 season!

For more information and ticket sales check out Hedwigandtheangryinch

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