Splish Splash the Boy’s are in Mickeys Bath

Splish, splash there’s boys in Mickey’s bath. Summer is officially in full swing, and what better way to get the party started than dancing the night away in happiest place on earth, Disney World! Gay Days 2012 was a blast! I had the pleasure of staying at the wonderland host hotel Lake Buena Vista Palace. The festivities all began with a “Pool Party” that Mother Nature forced into one of the hotel’s ballrooms, located right near the front desk, so as guests checked in, they were greeted by pulsing beats, dancing drag queens, and occasional sing-alongs to “Call Me Maybe”. Soon after, my friends all arrived and we headed out to Typhoon Lagoon for their One Magical Night dance party. Imagine it, a huge water park blasting dance music, filled to the brim with crazy inebriated gay men swooshing down waterslides, and dancing through the lazy river until two in the morning! But have no fear readers, the adventures did not end at two, it was just time for the next party. The host hotel put up “The Tunnel Party” from midnight until 7 am for all those late night partygoers, such as myself. There’s nothing like leaving a giant circuit party in time to watch the sun come up. There was just enough time for a couple hours sleep, before waking up to the “whomp whomp whomp” sound of bass bursting thru my balcony door, letting me know it’s time for my friends and I to get up, throw on our tiniest bathing suits, and head down to the Pool Party for a day of sun, more dancing, and making lots of new friends. Good thing I came prepared with my favorite chap stick BEEcause to keep my lips hydrated.

One of my favorite parts of Gay Days is meeting people from all over the world. I met people from Germany, Argentina, Australia, and the UK, everyone gathers around the pool for an all-day party in the Florida sunshine. We spent a couple hours at the pool party, before making our way to the Magic Kingdom, where a sea of people in red shirts (part of Gay Days tradition is to go to the Magic Kingdom dressed in red to let the world know you are gay) Those Brazilian tour groups didn’t know what hit ‘em. A few hours and a short nap later, we were off to the world famous Parliament Hose to check out Chaka Khan live! The club set up a huge foam pit, 3 dance floors, and a plethora of vendor booths to buy all kinds of gay-themed trinkets such as underwear, riding crops, and of course 3D porn. There’s no other place in the world where you can hear Chaka Kahn belting “I Feel For You” while you and your friends are dancing in a foam pit wearing your newly purchased leather harness. It was a surreal and almost overwhelming experience. Sunday was the day I had to call it quits because I was officially partied out. I spent my remaining hours on property laying out by the pool and enjoying the company of my friends reflecting on the wild hot weekend I’d just (barely) lived through. Gays Days definitely has something for everyone. If you haven’t experienced it first hand, try to put it on your calendar for next year, and don’t forget to pack your red shirt. Next event for me will be NYC pride! Can’t wait to see what shenanigans I will find myself in this time.

For more information check out Gaydays

Click the link below to check out my published article in Wire Weekly. 

Splish Splash boys in Mickeys Bath

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