Generational Moxie At It’s Finest


New York City changes everyday as it welcomes millions of people daily. The city also bids farewell to millions as they search for a place to call home. This journey of self discovery is fueled with romance, passion, pitfalls and, learning experiences that carryover into the building blocks of a person’s character. Director/Writer Noah Baumbach & Writer/Actress Greta Gerwig make viewers fall in love with this tempestuous love affair, which happens, everyday in New York City. Their new movie Mistress America oozes charisma while maintaining a dangerously sharp accuracy of what it is like to be a part of millennial culture in the city. Mistress America follows the enigmatic Brooke (played by Greta Gerwig) throughout New York City as she dances and laughs her way into colorful situations that reminds viewers of a unique quality we have lost in society. The quality of living within the moment while relishing within that moment in time, which once lost can never be imitated but only re-experienced by memory. Brooke is a free spirit renegade with a clever wit that makes it impossible to not root for her. She teaches spin class, tries to start up her own restaurant, confronts cat stealing ex roommates and, learns how to adult in a world where conformity becomes a necessity as one grows up. Undeniably entertaining and unique by its voice and screenplay, Mistress America makes one laugh as they remember the bittersweet moments that crafted their 20 something’s identity while echoing the fanciful message that success in life is not entirely measurable by riches alone. Noah Baumbach gets it right as he portrays the evolution of what it means to adult in a city where things change at the blink of an eye and what it takes to love the individuality a person possesses amongst a sea of people all trying to be the same. Throughout the transitional process of growing up, Brooke displays an energetic fearlessness, which becomes addicting to watch. Thus leaving the viewer both secretly scared and in awe of her moxie; one cannot help but fall in love with Mistress America.

Now playing in select theaters.

Check Out Mistress America for more information and showtimes!

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