FASHION, & the narratives that bind us.

NYFW Collage

FASHION, the ultimate canvas for self-expression. Within a matter of minutes a person can transform the way they are seen by the world as they express a different aspect of themselves. NYFW is a creative tsunami of colors, patterns, and textures, which create a candy store for fashionistas to feast on. In the past NYFW was mostly centered in one venue, which facilitated a program of endless shows from 7 am until the wee hours of the night. Unfortunately this set up made the shows feel very regimented and uniformed since most designers were utilizing the same space. They had their creative freedom stifled in not being to create a full sensory experience with unique spaces and exteriors. This year designers broke the mold as they used New York City as their canvas to present their Spring 2016 collections. This not only enhanced the full scope of their vision by creating more detailed narratives, which embodied the spirit of the collection. It also allowed designers to have a symbiotic bond with the visceral characteristics that New York City offers every day by using its one of a kind eccentricities. Creative designer Riccardo Tisci used this moment by bringing his new collection for Givenchy stateside for their first ever-American show. The show took place on Pier 29 on September 11th and the catwalk veered off into the Hudson with One World Trade as its backdrop. A powerful message of starting new, being bold and standing strong resonates not only in bringing his vision to NYFW but also draws a strong parallel with new beginnings. One World Trade stands proudly as models walk down with an undying perseverance that inspires as a memorial of two lights beam straight into the sky. This blend of internal strength with the fierceness of being bold is what makes the radical American dream a reality.

Watch the full show here! #GRTnyc17

As NYFW continues I was able to partake in the premiere launch of Coach’s first ever NYFW ready to wear line for Spring 2016. The show was built upon the future site of the Hudson Yards which connects the Highline park with an uncharted part of New York’s west side giving way to stunning views of the Hudson and the beauty of New York City’s skyline. This industrial blend with nature gave the perfect venue for Stuart Vevers new line, which embodies a prairie city girl who loves texture and knits but still wears chic silhouettes. The models walked down a mirrored catwalk as they displayed a fresh new take on the American girl. Sensibly edgy and strong in her identity, this girl isn’t afraid to play with patterns and textures.

****Side bar note: As the show ended I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite fashion industry icons, Carine Roitfeld. She is an exuberant and iconic individual who has been spot on in picking out the best in all facets of living a wonderfully spectacular life. Till next year! #stillLiving

Watch the full Coach Spring 2016 show here! #Coachspring2016

Underneath the shadows of darkness one can see the starlight


Set in late 19th century Germany, “Spring Awakening” returns to the stage raising the bar as it innovatively blends American Sign Language with English spoken words and music. Book & lyrics by Steven Sater and music by Ducan Sheik “Spring Awakening” starts at the Brooke Atkinson theater on September 8, 2015. The Deaf West Theater company brings this revival to Broadway after a critically acclaimed run from Los Angeles. The show’s unique approach in bridging the gap between nonverbal and verbal communication makes it’s visually stunning and profound in displaying the frustrations of not being able to be understood. I had the opportunity to watch the first performance and I was left blown away by the way they artistically remastered the Tony award winning show.

The whole show is structured in such a way where the main characters are Deaf and have an inner voice played by another actor which is projected and showed only to the audience. This duality is compelling to watch since the shows subject matter is about be left in the dark as adolescents grow up in a world where parentocracy is law. The adults of the show want to shield these young students from the realities of life such as sex, pregnancy, homosexuality, and failure. As these teens develop and have natural curiosities in regards to their body and life after school, some are plagued with questions in which the adults refuse to answer. The mixture of the verbal and non-verbal make the show compelling to watch as the audience realizes that you don’t to speak in order to be understood.

For more information and tickets check out Spring Awakening