Cinematic Paradiso pt 2

{THURSDAY} Aspires to inspire. Grit and musicality will have you rooting for Killa P. The underdog of the summer. (Pattie Cake$) Cast: Danielle McDonald, Bridget Everett Directed by: Geremy Jasper

Pattie Cakes$, Killa. P reverberates an American dream that lingers on the cusp of of fame.  Small town jersey girl, big voice & no opportunity. An unwillingness to resign to archetypes of race and poverty she drops rhymes to kill time. Hopes to inspire before she expires in a film that profoundly echos a story of wanting to be heard, taking care of those you love while being a bad ass bitch.

I’ve been torn down. Defined by others.

If I had listened… I would not be the person I am today. Pattie Cakes$ reignited a fire in me. Burning to blaze while keeping my fidelity. Consistency and character are the seams that hold relationships together. Once those qualities are compromised you have a no chance to move past in the world.

{Friday} Creative & authentic. A oddball coming of age story that looks to understand the traumatic complexities of the world. (Brigsby Bear) Cast: Kyle Mooney, Claire Danes, Mark Hamill Directed by: Dave McCary

Isolated from society. Entertained by his captors. James played by Kyle Mooney grows up with television persona Brigsby Bear that was uniquely created to teach him about life. He has no contact with the world outside of his subterranean home yet is enlighten by Brisgby’s artificial identity. As local authorities save him from his captors he makes contact with the “real” world and seeks to  find closure with the Brigs by making one final episode that will benchmark his relationship as he differentiates reality and produced life.

Things in life may not appear to be what they seem. Regardless of truancy, those images hold value. Bigsby Bear closes the gap between presentation and reality by allowing the protagonists direct the end. In life you may not have the ability to control what people do but you can control your response. Much like James in Brisby Bear I’ve taught myself to take control.


Cinematic Paradiso part one

Cinema Paradiso

This week I decided to watch a film everyday as I make sense of the world. Some say that art imitates life; others say life imitates art. I decided to put it to the test as I challenge my day-to-day experiences through the lens or lenses per se of the big screen.


{MONDAY} Insta-famous or Insta-lonely? One girls’ quest for friends and followers. (Ingrid Goes West) Cast: Audrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olson. Directed by Matt Spicer

Ingrid grows up not having genuine friends. In hopes to fill this void she turns to the interweb of socialness A.K.A Instagram and Facebook to find beacons that will light her way to happiness. Ingrid stumbles upon Taylor’s profile; a vibrant trendsetter who has the “BEST” that Los Angeles life (Prayer Hands Emoji) has to offer. In discovering Taylor’s online persona, Ingrid decides to move to L.A .as she hopes to follow in the steps of her Insta-role model.

Internet personas are tricky. We’ve grown to adopt everything we see online as truth and have commoditized ourselves to fit a mold. Using a byte size portion of the Internet, life gets magnified and unfortunately has repercussions thus leaving a person underwhelmed. My recent experience with this paradigm is one of dating. Interestingly enough it’s an encounter where my interactions in real time created problems online. An impasse occurred where the person I’m “seeing” has to decide if he values reality or his online identity.


{TUESDAY} Epic cannon from the gospel of Nolan. Masterfully done with technical precision. (Dunkirk) Cast: Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles, Tom Hardy Directed by: Christopher Nolan

400,000 soldiers left behind, 35,000 needed. Christopher Nolan provides cinematic joy as he tells the story of the allied troops that were evacuated from the northern town of Dunkirk in France during World War ll.

Today I was reminded how fortunate I am. As I have freedom and rights some would die for. Having the ability to walk away from an awful situation is an action some people don’t have. Much like waiting for a ship of absolution that may or not arrive, I am thankful.


{WEDNESDAY} Comedic powerhouse of female proportions. (Girls Trip) Cast: Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish Directed by: Malcolm D. Lee

Two words, Flossy Possy. The girls are back together and stronger than ever. Showcasing the power of friendship, the unity of laughter and downright raunchiness of reality. Girls Trip proves you don’t choose the ones you consider family.

Today I was reminded of what it was like to have a “flossy possy.” A group of friends that support and defend you until the end, I miss those days.

Voyeuristic Solipsism

Olivia Wilde

In a world where subversive thinking is punished and individualism is deleted, the new Broadway play “1984” challenges theater goers to experience a gut wrenching story that eliminates the safety of the infamous 4th wall. Based on the critically acclaimed novel by George Orwell, Directors/Adapters Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan take themes of surveillance, humanity, power and corruption to the stage by following the central character Winston (played by Tom Sturridge) through wormholes of a dystopian society.

A fractured and confused Winston attempts to keep a hidden diary to recount his memories as he writes for the future by remembering the past. This type of “Double Think” is an ideology that threatens “Big Brother” as it circumvents the governing body’s ability to revise the truth. Accomplished by deleting people from databases and mentions in media thus making a person or an idea an “Unperson”, you will have never existed to those not yet born.

Through the following 110 minutes of experiential theater, audience members watch Winston’s descent into a palace of horrors that not only challenge his moral thread of right and wrong but reveals his inner most desires. His on stage romance with Julia (played by Olivia Wilde) gets perversely showcased to the world (played by the audience) as they attempt to discover love from a secret room they have found. All taking place on a stage laden with telescreens and hidden cameras that watch the most intimate of moments through a vehicle of telegraphical voyeurism.

Brilliantly staged the new adaptation makes you understand the need for privacy and how corruption sets a precedent for the future. “To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies- this IS indispensably necessary.” If two plus two equal four, does it equal five if “Big Brother” said it’s so?

As the show comes to a bone chilling end the ultimate questions get presented; Who is Big Brother? and Who’s watching who?

For more information and tickets regarding “1984” on Broadway checkout 1984 by clicking here.