Prisoner of Ultraviolence

Graphic imagery takes center stage as Anthony Burgress masterful Clockwork Orange opens September 25th at New World Stages in NYC. Directed by Alexandra Spencer Jones, she takes no prisoners as a room full of hunks in an all male cast (including Jonno Davies and Matt Doyle) display the dyspotic nature of society as men stuck in the cogs of the machine.

Droogs are salvation, homoerotic Shakespeare captivate as Alexander learns the origin of his violent tendencies. A Byproduct of society, Alex punishes and gets punished by a higher order. Parallels get drawn to Jesus as a a savior of society by enduring the wrongs of violent behavior. In watching I understood the dark necessities that require Alex to function.

The new production replaces the films visual violence with the physicality of man. Several men to be exact. Scantily clad & showing their cherries while personifying original sin. Bountiful and plenty the show satiated my appetite for social justice in the world.

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Wild & Free

Stick with the animals and experience freedom. What seemed like a one hit wonder is back with a vengeance as Electric Zoo dominates the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival market in New York City. Framed as a three-day event, EZoo unites the free roaming spirits of N.Y.C on Randall’s Island with a multi sensory experience. In attending day one, I was taken back to an era of pure magic where dance music personified the spirit of P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect).



Without regard of ones race, sexuality, gender or bank account, EZoo created a day where togetherness was celebrated as one got lost in music. Collaborators of said day were Martin Solveig, Dada Life, John Digweed, Don Diablo, Galantis & DJ Snake. Upon entering the festival grounds I experienced a flurry of inflatable jumpsuits, prismatic glasses (which are AWESOME!), and animal costumes. I quickly scanned the EZoo app known as the Sixth Borough to get a lay of the land and map out my day. Being a new animal at the Zoo I was not aware that there are five stages and a multitude of secret spots where one can graze. I frantically pieced together my day and buckled up for following hours to come.

To be continued…

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Homeward Bound, L.G Comes Home

A Country-dance pop album, a height defying Super bowl performance, an A-list Hollywood film in the making and a Netflix Original; what do these items have in common?

A person named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, A.K.A Lady Gaga. She may not be flawless but she has calculated her artistry with such precision that it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her career in all of its trans-formative glory. Starting from a dynamically radical concert at a dive bar in Fort Lauderdale on April 08, 2009 to a sold-out Mets stadium in New York City on August 25, 2017.




Back in 2009, I distinctly remember my friend asking me if I’d like to watch this person by the name of Lady Gaga (a New York based artist) for $20 dollars. To which my response was, why would I pay to watch a Drag show? Needless to say I had no idea what I was about to experience let alone personally discover. Hesitantly, I went expecting to stand in the back of this bandbox venue sweating as I eye the emergency exits for a speedy departure. Upon entering, a series of avant-garde videos of LG are projected unto a screen as she pays homage to Andy Warhol and self-titles herself Candy Warhol in search for “The Fame.”



Over time LG has not only created musical performances and catchy songs (Bad Romance, Speechless and Million Reasons) but has managed to take the fashion world by storm with her creative collaborations’ and has helped LGBTQ Homeless youth gain access to support and safety in creating the Born This Way Foundation. The only prisons that exist are the ones we put ourselves in and she has managed to breakout from every cell with unparalleled gumption & a diamond heart.




In recalling last weeks moments at her Joanne World Tour in New York City, 40,000 fans from around the globe united and danced to L.G’s album Joanne. Filled with prismatic rainbow pianos, hydrolytic lifts and diamond encrusted outfits new and old fans alike are left joyously dancing back home.

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