Prisoner of Ultraviolence

Graphic imagery takes center stage as Anthony Burgress masterful Clockwork Orange opens September 25th at New World Stages in NYC. Directed by Alexandra Spencer Jones, she takes no prisoners as a room full of hunks in an all male cast (including Jonno Davies and Matt Doyle) display the dyspotic nature of society as men stuck in the cogs of the machine.

Droogs are salvation, homoerotic Shakespeare captivate as Alexander learns the origin of his violent tendencies. A Byproduct of society, Alex punishes and gets punished by a higher order. Parallels get drawn to Jesus as a a savior of society by enduring the wrongs of violent behavior. In watching I understood the dark necessities that require Alex to function.

The new production replaces the films visual violence with the physicality of man. Several men to be exact. Scantily clad & showing their cherries while personifying original sin. Bountiful and plenty the show satiated my appetite for social justice in the world.

For more information and tickets check out Clockwork Orange.

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