The Great Rabbit

jojo Rabbit

We must feel beauty and terror to live. Jojo Rabbit is a film about a 10-year-old boy played by Roman Griffin Davis who is growing up in Nazi Germany and his best friend is an Imaginary character, which embodies the propaganda machine of Adolf Hitler played by Taika Waititi. Much like your everyday superhero the young boy is told listen to your party, take blind orders and learn how to throw a grenade. These are traits that are pushed down unto impressionable youth of the time.

Taika Waititi is also the director and writer and uses the visual medium of cinema and punny words, outlandish scenes and satirical humor to evolve Jojo’s character as he tries to make sense of right and wrong. The film is deeply original in its script, delivery and has a wonderful juxtaposition in its pairing of a real horrible time in history with fantasy.

Jojo Rabbit teases out themes of loss, growth, war, death and love to understand deeper moral underpinnings, which are rarely discussed as it pertains to a child’s development and worldview. As a child grows into adult which decision will they choose? Will he remain a “rabbit”, continue to follow his superhero friend Adolf or understand he can make any choice as he separates himself from the machine and its influences?

Life isn’t binary.

For tickets and show times click on Jojo Rabbit

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