The Golden Globe Nominations for film goes too…. (It’s way to early to announce but these are the stand out contenders.)

Farewell .jpg

As award season draws closer, the line up of film contenders becomes increasingly competitive. With some original screenplays, a fierce animated film sector and wonderful depictions of foreign language films, the current roster of potential winners are very diverse. Parasite is poised for some big nominations including screenplay, director and the foreign language categories. Knives Out has opened to great reviews and critical acclaim with an ensemble cast that is sure to make box office gold. Joker amidst tensions in its dark narrative is able to showcase the mastery and versatility of Joaquin Phoenix’s acting ability. Stepping into the acting categories Rene Zellweger’s performance as Judy Garland in Judy takes her into the lead for big wins and attention. Netflix’s The Irishman has captured massive buzz with Martin Scorcese’s genius as Director. Let’s also not forget an early contender in 2019, Lulu Wang’s The Farewell a family dramedy that brings members of an estranged family together to say goodbye in way that can only described as saying hello again. Then there is Taika Waititi’s charismatically original film of Jojo Rabbit, which is a coming of age film through a whimsical lens of a tragic holocaust time.

Animated tensions arise as Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 enter the race reinforcing the global love of Disney and its franchises. Will Idina Menzel get a second go around by having Let It Go? Or will Woody and friends charm us as we enter a new world of playing with toys.

More films to review and watch out for are The Lighthouse, Little Women, Pedro Almodovar’s Pride & Glory, Netflix’s Marriage Story by Noah Baumbach and the super fueled Ford v. Ferrari.


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