All that Basel’s is not only Art


Art Basel Miami has become a necessary destination in the migration patterns of trendsetters, tastemakers and artists alike. What started off as a convention that catered to the likes of discoverable talent and art buyers has quickly evolved into a cultural marketplace of Art, Fashion, Music and posh parties in South Beach, Florida. As the convention still remains to be an integral function of the weekend, musicians and fashion designers have slowly taken stake in the art district of Wynwood in downtown Miami. With pop up stores, fashion shows and secret concerts that are only promoted by word of mouth this new aspect of Art Basel has captured international appeal and attention. Here are some highlights of Art Basel 2018.

Art Basel 2019 will occur between December 5 – 8, which is also the opening of the ATFASHION pop up store founded by fashion designer, and stylist known for creating the iconic visual moments in Sex & the City, Patricia Fields. ART FASHION, which will display and sell one of kind pieces of wearable art made by upcoming designers each with a story to tell. One of these designers is Valentina Perissi owner of DafneItaly. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in New York City, Dafne customizes premium Tuscan leather with original designs that are uniquely painted and sealed with a technique Valentina Perissi mastered while studying at the Art Institute of Florence. Each design is hand painted with the intent of evoking dynamic conversations pertaining to the beginning of life and the power of the female body. Dafne has a wide selection of wearable art pieces ranging from accessories to vintage leather jackets.

This unique collaboration will take place in a private gallery located in Miami’s Wynwood Design District throughout the month of December. Fashion warrior and creative designer of Dafne, will bring her vision and designs from New York City to Art Basel with 25 limited edition leather pieces. Taking inspiration from the illusive all Seeing Eye the collection embodies the freedom to fight for peace and equality.

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