The Itch You Can’t #S


Angels lie inthe distance as you harmonize to Andrew Lloyd Webbers CATS, with an all star cast featuring Dame Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Jason Darulo, James Cordon, Rebel Wilison, and Idris Elba you find a fancy fest of visuality. In experiencing the film you not onlywitness the magic of cinema alongside the synergy of the great white way, you get a glimpse into a social conversation that needs to be had. CATS bring human issues to the forefront in dealing with race, social strata cast casting, and the awfulness of existence. Each feline makes their existence known and how the residual affect makes a momentous effect.

We all have an itch we cant scratch. We all want to be loved and find that group where we all fit in. We’re climbing an uphill battle and on that climb we want to discover new parts of our quest. Overall the film provides vignettes of humanity seeking to love, succeed, and transcend. Naturally we are all emotional beings and want to love and be loved in returned.


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Strong the Force is


Transcendent experiences wait in Walt Disney World, a universe built on magic and wonder. Recently I had the privilege to live out my Jedi dreams at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. From drinking the iconic milk found in a New Hope to building my own light saber at Savi’s Workshop. Alongside with my chosen family we stood together and had our happily ever after. Holidays can feel stressful or lonely but with right squad it can feel like a fairytale. As our day began we decided to start at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to ride the Avatar experience, which had a three-hour wait 20 minutes after the parks opening. This fact still boggles my mind, were there that many people in the park before it opened for general admission or were all Disney goers thinking the same strategy that we did? Needless to say we did not go into the depths of Pandora but decided to experience Mount Everest where a sassy yeti is rumored to have been spotted.

Once our expedition at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ended we hopped on over to Hollywood Studios, home of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Energy emitted from the park that guided us to an unmarked building surrounded by scrap metal. This is where we encountered Savi and were told about the powers that are embedded into the collection of parts that would become a lightsaber. From power/control, protection/defense, elemental/nature and peace/justice each saber is customizable wielding the power of a kyber crystal. After assembling our sabers we went on to ride the infamous Hollywood Tower of Terror where we never quite managed to get to the 13th floor. After freefalling in an elevator we decided to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom where we found our Happily Ever After. Disney is the perfect cure all for the holiday blues from their top-notch entertainment and live shows, to themed rides that make fairytales a reality and international cuisine that is guaranteed to delight.

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