Homeward Bound, L.G Comes Home

A Country-dance pop album, a height defying Super bowl performance, an A-list Hollywood film in the making and a Netflix Original; what do these items have in common?

A person named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, A.K.A Lady Gaga. She may not be flawless but she has calculated her artistry with such precision that it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her career in all of its trans-formative glory. Starting from a dynamically radical concert at a dive bar in Fort Lauderdale on April 08, 2009 to a sold-out Mets stadium in New York City on August 25, 2017.




Back in 2009, I distinctly remember my friend asking me if I’d like to watch this person by the name of Lady Gaga (a New York based artist) for $20 dollars. To which my response was, why would I pay to watch a Drag show? Needless to say I had no idea what I was about to experience let alone personally discover. Hesitantly, I went expecting to stand in the back of this bandbox venue sweating as I eye the emergency exits for a speedy departure. Upon entering, a series of avant-garde videos of LG are projected unto a screen as she pays homage to Andy Warhol and self-titles herself Candy Warhol in search for “The Fame.”



Over time LG has not only created musical performances and catchy songs (Bad Romance, Speechless and Million Reasons) but has managed to take the fashion world by storm with her creative collaborations’ and has helped LGBTQ Homeless youth gain access to support and safety in creating the Born This Way Foundation. The only prisons that exist are the ones we put ourselves in and she has managed to breakout from every cell with unparalleled gumption & a diamond heart.




In recalling last weeks moments at her Joanne World Tour in New York City, 40,000 fans from around the globe united and danced to L.G’s album Joanne. Filled with prismatic rainbow pianos, hydrolytic lifts and diamond encrusted outfits new and old fans alike are left joyously dancing back home.

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One Final Applause

LY Lady Gaga Roseland Marquee

The lights fade, the confetti has fallen and the static from the speakers buzz with the low hum of Lady Gaga’s song G.U.Y closing down the legendary Roseland Ballroom on April 7, 2014. This will also be the last show the historic venue will host before being torn down and turned into a 42-story apartment complex in the midtown section of New York City. Songstress Lady Gaga had the honor to pull the plug on the ballroom while demarcating the longest residency an artist has had at the venue. Playing 7 shows within the span of two weeks during the twilight hours of the venues life, and I have to say it was a party of EPIC proportions. From the moment Mother monster steps unto the stage wearing fishnet stockings, underwear and heels that would make a drag queen cry she commands the audience and owns the stage with a fierce dominance edifying her talent as a live artist. Taking on a set list of songs from her catalogue of hits including Bad Romance, Just Dance, Born This way, Poker Face and her latest Applause. She gives the venue the send off it properly deserves. While interacting with the audience and expressing her sorrow for the venues last curtain call. She managed to bring the party to a slow dance while performing a broken down version of You and I and her teary eyed ballad Dope. Aside from her recent projects and backlash from the public eye, when Gaga takes the stage she is home in the warm embrace of her fans while highlighting that she is a truly talented artist and live performer. This is the Gaga I Love, Appreciate and Celebrate. She makes any one attending her show feel empowered and inspired to be creative and ultimately comfortable to just be who they are. That’s a gift all in its own, the ability to make other people feel. All her shows were sold out to capacity (3200 people to be exact) giving a chance for New Yorkers to say their final farewell to the walls that have hosted legends such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, and Fiona Apple. Also home to special events such as Hillary Clinton’s birthday, Gay circuit parties, and Ella Fitzgerald’s band Chick Webb. It saddens me to say farewell for the hardest thing in life is to say goodbye, who would have thought four walls and a sturdy dance floor could have so much to say, if they could speak.

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